NOTICE - Website Maintenance

St. Clare's website has just recently undergone some significant changes!

  • Improved Security - The technology underneath our user authentication, bulletin board system, and wiki have all been upgraded to the newest distribution, employing Google's Captcha 2, the strongest anti-spambot captcha currently available.
  • Cleaned Database - Over 70,000 spambot accounts have been removed from our database, restoring our accounts to just our parishioners and friends. Please note: if your user account was removed during the database cleansing, please accept our apologies and then recreate it; contact the webmaster if problems arise.
  • Decoupled Wiki/Bulletin Board Logins - On the old website, one user account was used for wiki administration and for Bulletin Board (Prayer Request) authentication. This made it difficult to administer the Bulletin Board without affecting the Wiki, and vice versa. The two accounts are now decoupled so that wiki administrators can manage accounts separate from Prayer Request posters.
  • Reinstated Bulletin Boards - Our Prayer Request boards have suffered for some time due to lack of proper security upon user account authentication, and this problem has been resolved, opening the door for a new era of activity on the boards. Please take to the boards under the Community section and let us know what areas of your life need prayer.
  • Mobile Support - Mobile devices are now a first-class citizen; all pages have a responsive design that will look as good on your desktop PC as it will on your tablet or small-screened phone.
  • New Look for the Sub-pages - The design on the sub-pages is now more groomed and clean, facilitating easier and faster browsing and consumption of content.

Minor changes may continue to take place in the coming weeks; notice will be given if any change is obtrusive, and any significant changes will be scheduled in advance.

Please contact with any questions or comments.

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