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What is this Login button that I see? supports usernames and passwords so that you might login and contribute in our Bulletin Board system for things like Prayer Requests. Logging in to the web pages has no effect unless you are an administrator, but logging in to the Bulletin Board grants you a user profile and an identity when posting or replying to topics. Creating a login is easy, fast, and free. For instructions, see Registering & Logging In.
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What is this Show Pagesource button that I see?

Many parts of are built on wiki architecture1). This makes it tremendously simple for our Parish Office staff to create, edit, or delete content even if they have no programming experience. If you do not have administrative access to our pages, you can view the page source code by clicking the “View Pagesource” button, but you will not be able to edit it. For you, this button doesn't really serve a purpose.
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The little links at the top of your page marked “Trace” are commonly called “breadcrumbs”. Just as Hansel and Gretel used breadcrumbs to find the path where they had previously been, these breadcrumbs list the last ten or so subpages that you have visited. This is an easy way for you to return to particular pages after browsing around. Just click the name of the page which you desire to revisit.
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How can I contribute content to

Administrative access is required to contribute content to Access is granted to the Webmaster, Parish Office staff, clergy, and Ministry Leaders. If you fall outside of those categories, you may email suggestions to If you do not have administrative access but you believe that you should have it, you can follow the instructions on Request Administrative Access.
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Why am I redirected to Quick View when using my mobile device?

Our main pages at contain a lot of data which is designed for relatively fast connections and large screens. The same content can be viewed in the Quick View version of the main pages. Our server automatically detects whether your device is a mobile device or not, and if it is a mobile device2) it is redirected automatically to the Quick View. If you have feedback about this redirect, please email with your feedback.
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Bulletin Board

FAQ for bulletin board is forthcoming.

We use dokuwiki as our wiki engine.
iPads are, by design, not considered mobile devices for this check. We assume iPad users have a large enough screen, and adequately fast connection
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